10 Reasons to Try Breakfast in the Classroom

  1. 1. No child should start the school day hungry
  2. 2. Not all children are able to eat at home
  3. 3. Your school has a breakfast program!
  4. 4. Breakfast in the classroom gets more students to participate
  5. 5. Breakfast in the classroom requires minimal work…
  6. 6. … and can have great payoffs!
  7. 7. Ensuring that students eat breakfast helps create healthy habits for life
  8. 8. Breakfast can be incorporated into lesson plans
  9. 9. Breakfast in the classroom allows teachers to spend time with students
  10. 10. Students will thank you

Source: USDA

USDA Breakfast

The School Breakfast Program

Why is the School Breakfast Program so important to children, to their health and scholastic performance?

  • In 2010, nearly one in four American children (17.2 million) lived in food insecure households.
  • Less than half (47%) of low-income children who received school lunch also participated in the breakfast program
  • The benefits of Classroom Breakfast are astounding:
    • Improvements in attendance
    • A reduction in tardiness
    • Fewer stomachaches and visits to the school nurse
    • Increased test scores
    • Fewer disciplinary problems
    • Improved diets
    • Reduction in obesity rates

Why is increasing participation important for your school or district?

  • Classroom Breakfast successfully reaches children, and consistently receives enthusiastic support from principals, teachers, and custodial staff

See current School Breakfast Program statistics

  • The School Breakfast Program is a federal (and state) funded program available to all schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program
  • Today, about 90,000 schools serve breakfast to 12.5 million children, while over 98,000 schools provide school lunch to 29 million children.
  • 91.2 percent of schools that participated in the National School Lunch Program also offered the School Breakfast Program
  • Every school, public or private non-profit, or residential child-care institution, is eligible to receive federal funds for a breakfast program.

School Breakfast

School Lunch

Number of schools serving: 90,000 98,350
Number of children served: 12.5 million 29 million

For more info, see the FRAC fact sheet.

Breakfast BREAKS

Breakfast BREAKS evolved from the simple concept that to feed more children, bring the food to them rather than expect them to come to the food. This grab 'n go is now in eco-friendly pouch packaging that reduces waste by 63%!

  • Breakfast BREAKS are a cornerstone to successful Classroom Breakfast programs because they are:
    • Portable
    • Convenient
    • Nutritious
    • Affordable
    • Eco-friendly
    • Kid-friendly