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Move “off the line” to maximize federal funding

Alternate Site

Alternate Site Feeding

Going “off the line” is one of the most effective strategies for increasing program participation as well as increasing your federal reimbursements. Moving out of the cafeteria for alternate site feeding – from Classroom Breakfast, hallway carts, afterschool meals – add to efficiency, cost-savings and result in feeding more children. It’s been proven that Classroom Breakfast has increased overall School Breakfast Participation.

  • Breakfast in the Classroom . . . or On the Bus
    E S Foods are the “grab-n-go” experts. Meals like Breakfast BREAKS can easily be served in the classroom at the beginning of the day or on the bus on the way to school. These meals require no refrigeration and provide a nutritious, federally reimbursable meal.
  • Second Chance Breakfast
    The Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) recommends as an effective strategy in its 2015 School Breakfast Scorecard to offer “second chance” breakfast — meals served after first period during a morning break. This gives kids who arrive late or are not hungry first thing in the morning another opportunity to have school breakfast. This can often be combined with traditional before-school breakfast service as well. Food carts allow convenient breakfast delivery between periods, and our breakfasts require no special equipment to maintain temperature.
  • After-School Meals
    If your school offers enrichment programs after school – art, music, clubs, etc. – consider after school meals. Did you know that federal funding is available for providing nutritious meals for these programs? See our Afterschool and Summer sections for more details.

One Word: Portability

Portability is the key to successful alternate site programs. Shelf-stable, grab-n-go meals are our specialty. We have 20+ varieties of Breakfast BREAKS! Learn more in our Portability and Product sections.

“’Grab and go’ programs are particularly effective means of increasing school breakfast participation among older students in middle and high school.”

FRAC 2015 School Breakfast Scorecard