Smart Snacks

Choose wisely—good-for-you snacks that taste good

Smart Snacks

The true measure of a smart snack is whether kid will eat it. They will! Kids love our Smart Snacks. We think we have the smartest snacks possible – whole grains, clean labels and peanut-free.

Product Highlights

  • Animal Crackers
  • Peanut-free
  • Clean labels
  • Kids love healthy Smart Snacks!

Product Varieties

Smart Snacks

  • 16191 Animal Crackers (WG)
  • 16193 Mini Cinnamon Animal Crackers (WG)
  • 16200 Strawberry Bites (WG)
  • 16300 Wheat Crackers (WG)

Snacks Breaks

  • 61275 No Nut Butter Strawberry Bites (WG)
  • 61279 Roasted Red pepper Hummus (WG)
  • 61280 Cheddar Cheese Stick, 6 oz Apple Juice
  • 61282 Animal Crackers, Original (WG), 6 oz Fruit Punch
  • 61288 Mini Animal Grahams, Cinnamon (WG), 6 oz Apple juice
  • 61289 Cheez-it® Cracker (WG)
  • 61290 Strawberry Bites (WG)

Simple Meal Choices

Ideal grab & go for express lines and satellite feeding


Look here to find compete nutrition information on each of our products.