Healthy eating shouldn’t
stop when school’s out

Keep summer simple with these easy solutions

Summer Solutions

Summer Solutions

Summer is no time to let children fall back into poor nutrition habits. We’ve used the knowledge developed from working with schools through the years to develop a community outreach program that gives children a range of nutritious and tasty options. Choose from shelf stable or frozen items for breakfast, lunch or snacks.

Keep Summer Simple!

After deciding to feed children in summer or afterschool programs, a big question to solve is how to do the food. How do you make sure your food will meet requirements? How do you simplify service so that meals qualify for reimbursement?

E S Foods can supply complete, nutritious meals, approved by the state, to ensure your reimbursements are secure. We can help develop a cycle menu to submit to the state, to allow you to focus on site selection, and training. We can supply food items well below reimbursements to ensure you operate a self-sufficient program. And we can help you accommodate count fluctuations to have a smoothly run program.

Did you say milk?

We offer shelf stable milk in low-fat plain and chocolate flavors. Ask us how we can save you even more money when you purchase our milk along with our meals.

10-Day Menu (SSTS)
10-Day Menu (SS)
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