We care about children

Our goal: Help elminate childhood hunger

Social Responsibility

Our Mission — Feed Hungry Children

E S Foods is committed to the challenge to improve nutrition and eliminate hunger among our nation’s youth. To that end, we have teamed up with various organizations including the Afterschool Alliance, Share our Strength and The Alliance to End Hunger to help feed hungry children throughout the country. We continually come to the aid of needy families by contributing truckloads of food and milk to victims of hurricanes, earthquakes and other emergency situations. Charitable organizations we have contributed food and meals to include Seeds of Peace, OrchKids and Second Harvest Food Bank.

E S Foods works to educate school districts about the importance of breakfast – that every child, regardless of background, should start the school day with a nutritious breakfast in order to learn, grow and develop to his or her fullest potential. E S Foods hopes to increase awareness among schools that although the School Breakfast Program exists and federal dollars are available, initiatives such as Classroom Breakfast, Alternate Site Breakfast and Second Chance Breakfast are needed to really make a difference.

Did You Know?

There are more than 12 million children — nearly 17 percent of all children in the country — living in households suffering from hunger or food insecurity, which hinders them from developing healthy bodies and succeeding in school. “As a nation, we can and must reach this critically important goal of eradicating childhood hunger,” said Jim Weill, Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) president. Regarding Initiative for Eliminating Childhood Hunger in America by 2015 Our Company

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