On the lunch menu – several
center-of-plate options

Our Pinwheels and Grilled Cheese are kid-favorites!


Lunch Solutions

Empanadas, Ciabatta Cheese Melts, Mac & Cheese . . . so many center-of-plate options for your students at lunch time! In addition to several frozen entrée choices, our Meal BREAKS can be used for lunch on days with unpredictable meal counts, before and after vacations, ½ days, and emergency meals. Always kid-friendly and easy to prepare, our meals are available in bulk and individually wrapped.

New Authentic Latinx & Afro-Caribbean Cuisine

From Brisas Empanadas, our family-owned business partners, we now offer a line of flavorful, authentic Latinx and Afro-Caribbean cuisine that includes two varieties of Classis Empanadas (Chicken & Cheese and Beef & Bean), Sweet Corn Arepas, Cheese Pandebono, and Yuca Bites.

More Protein with Cheese

Our cheese products provide great alternatives to typical meat lunch options. These include our newest “homemade” products —Grilled Cheese sandwiches. We also have cheese sauces. Most of our lunch items can use commodity reprocessed Mozzarella (#110244) and Barrel Cheese (#110242).

Spice Up Lunch with a Ciabatta Pepper Jack Cheese Melt!
How do you make one of the most popular kids’ sandwiches better? Adding great tasting Ciabatta bread. Now kids can enjoy the ooey, gooey grilled cheese sandwich on a true artisan bun. And it is also available in new Pepper Jack. Kids love its awesome “cheesy-ness” and you’ll love that it’s whole grain, reduced fat and reduced sodium.