School Breakfast Kits

A Revolution in School Meals

School Breakfast Kits

K-12 Breakfast Kits Key to Quick, Easy, Grab & Go Meals

School breakfast kits have been trending in popularity lately because of increased need for easy-to-serve, grab & go meals – but they aren’t new on the scene. School breakfast kits, lunch kits, and even afterschool meal kits have been a school foodservice staple for quite some time, making it easy for schools to serve students in the classroom, in the cafeteria, or on the go.

In fact, E S Foods pioneered the concept of shelf-stable breakfast kits more than 15years ago!

Our company was at the forefront of the grab-&-go concept and created the category of Classroom Breakfast with the introduction of our portable, convenient Breakfast BREAKS in 2005 – now available in more than 20 varieties – followed by Meal BREAKS in 2006. Breakfast BREAKS are nutritious, shelf-stable and include utensils – developed for easy serving and quick clean-up. Kids love the packaging and the brands they contain.

Product highlights of our Breakfast Kits and Meal Kits:

Breakfast BREAKS and Meal BREAKS

  • Shelf-stable meals (no refrigeration needed)
  • Thaw & serve varieties
  • Heat & serve options
  • Portable
  • Components individually wrapped
  • Include individual wrapped utensils
  • Student handles own meal; requires no help from or prep by others
  • Compliant with all mandated FDA standards

“One of our company’s priorities has been to help increase participation in the underutilized School Breakfast Program. There are millions of school children who are eligible for free or reduced priced breakfasts but go to school each day without making use of the federally funded program. By addressing obstacles such as time and cafeteria staffing, we introduced aseptic milk and grab-&-go breakfasts to serve in the classroom.”

Gary Davis, E S Foods Founder and CEO

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