E S Foods is committed to helping feed more children in need during the COVID-19 crisis and is vigorously working to fast track supplies of additional grab and go food products.

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Emergency Feeding


Emergency Feeding

E S Foods offers a comprehensive range of meals and snacks from shelf-stable meal kits to food boxes with fresh ingredients, and heat & serve entrees to address all your food safety issues. No refrigeration is required for our shelf-stable products that can be stored for up to 12 months. We can also provide you assistance in organizing and implementing your emergency preparedness plan, as well as with meal transportation and delivery.


NEW: Home Prep Family Meal Kits

Our Home Prep Family Meal Kits are now available –each box contains a variety of high quality, nutritious items that that yield 16-18 complete meals. What is unique is that each kit contains menus and recipes with step-by-step instructions so that healthy meals can be prepared for the entire family. Some kits include fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to staples such as oatmeal, healthy beans and lentils. Three varieties of boxes are available: The Pantry Box, Market Box, and Combination Box. The Pantry Box is completely shelf stable; refrigeration required for the Market Box and Combination Box.

Introducing 7-Day Meal Kits!

Each case (Item #65004) contains 14 shelf stable meals – 7 Breakfast BREAKS and 7 meal BREAKS.  Send home a week’s worth of meals to each student.

7 Breakfast Breaks in every case:

  • 3 pc 61219 – R.S. Cinn Toast Crunch, Min Cinn Grahams, Applesauce (unsweetened)
  • 2 pc 61114 – R.S. Triz, Min Cinn Grahams, 100% Fruit Juice
  • 2 pc 61106 – Frosted Flakes, Cheez Its, Apple Juice

Each breakfast kit contains: 2 oeg, 1/2 c. fruit, spoon, napkin, and straw

7 Meal Breaks in every case:

  • 3 pc 61418 – Cheese Stick w/ Marinara Sauce, Wheat Crackers, Strawberry Applesauce (unsweetened)
  • 2 pc 61437 – No Nut Butter, Sunflower Seeds, Strawberry Bites, Applesauce (unsweetened), Juice Breaks Veg Juice, 100% Juice
  • 2 pc 61435 – Sweet BBQ Chicken Bites, Sunflower Seeds, Cheez Its, Rasins, Juice Breaks Veg Juice, 100% Juice

Each meal kit contains: 2 m/ma, 1 oeg, 1/2 c. veg and 1/2 c. fruit, spoon, napkin, and straw

Breakfast BREAKS


Shelf-Stable Breakfast BREAKS and Meal BREAKS

  • Shelf-stable breakfasts and meals require no refrigeration and are highly portable
  • Each contain individual wrapped utensils
  • Each component in breakfasts and meals is individually wrapped
  • Student opens and handles his/her own individual meal; requires no help from or preparation by others
  • All food components are produced under strict regulatory oversight for compliance with all mandated FDA standards
  • All food components are routinely tested microbiologically to ensure safety and long shelf life

Thaw & Serve Meal BREAKS

  • Full meal kit includes a sandwich, juice and snack
  • Easy to package for take home serving
  • Delicious and nutritious, including vegetarian options
  • Meal BREAKS meet all USDA requirements
  • Each case contains 30 servings
  • Thaw & Serve Meal BREAKS include Hoagie and Wedge Sandwiches

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