School Cafeteria Worker Among Time Magazine’s Tribute to Heroes on the Front Lines
April 11, 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic we have seen so many inspiring stories of heroes. From the health care workers on the front lines to police officers, grocery workers, bus drivers, and those in our own foodservice industry, the human spirit is providing us all us with so much hope. I wanted to share with you this week’s cover story from Time magazine, “The Country Won’t Work Without Them. 12 Stories of People Putting Their Lives on the Line to Help Others During Coronavirus.” One of these 12 is middle school cafeteria worker Yolanda Fisher from Dallas who is out there every day serving meals to kids, who says, “I’m loving it because I miss [the kids’] faces. You miss hearing their noise. We are feeding our community, and I love that.” The magazine cover also features a group of food service workers. Yolanda is but one of thousands of school foodservice workers that continues to make a difference during the pandemic by helping feed hungry children.