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See how easy you can earn 4x more $$$ by switching from snack to meal.


Simple Afterschool Solution: Meal BREAKS

When you’re dealing with hungry children after school, E S Foods’ packaged Meal BREAKS and other Protein Innovations are the turnkey solution. Now more than ever, three is a critical need to provide afterschool suppers/super snacks to children. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in remote learning or reduced in-person instruction, with many kids not accessing their regular school meals. Add to that the challenges facing families today, the Afterschool Meal Program can be a much-needed respite for school children and their families.

Did you know that by adding suppers/super snacks to your program you can help countless families and increase your reimbursement dollars by as much as 58%? It’s so easy with our Meal BREAKS, which come in 25 varieties to choose from. These meals are PRE-PACKAGED, every item is INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED, and just add milk for a fully reimbursable meal. Our Meal BREAKS are available in Shelf Stable, Thaw & Serve, and Heat & Serve varieties.




From Snack to Meal . . It’s Simple Math

The math is straightforward. The current reimbursement for the afterschool meal program is $4.55 per meal (includes value of donated food). Add up to 7 weekly supper meals. For example: Provide 7 suppers to 1000 students per week: 7 X $4.55 x 1000 = $31,850 per week

Help Feed Hungry Kids – Add Supper

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) provides federal funds to afterschool programs to serve meals to children up to age 18 during the school year. If your school district is providing students meals for home, why not include a Supper/Super Snack? It’s easy and it’s an additional meal for your students. To participate, simply

1. Provide CACFP-compliant meals. (If not registered for CACFP, contact your state agency for more information. List provided on right.)
2. Include enrichment activity handouts or provide directives to activity.
3. Keep service simple – use Meal BREAKS — 25 varieties to choose from!

As part of our goal to help feed hungry children, E S Foods has taken its expertise in school foodservice and expanded it to community outreach efforts. E S Foods currently provides meals to schools, community centers, camps and many other youth organizations nationwide for afterschool and summer feeding programs.

Enrichment Activities

Creative teaching ideas & educational resources

Food For Thought

For detailed information about implementing an After School Meal Program, check out FRAC’s Eight Ways to Increase Participation in Afterschool Suppers

CACFP Streamlines Afterschool Meals for Schools

Look Up Your State Contacts

State CACFP Contacts