Frozen Entrees

Comfort Food that’s Good for You

Frozen Entrees

Check Out These New Items!

  • Guavalitos – delicious pastry filled with flavorful guava and cheese
  • Pepper Jack Pretzel Bites – whole grain pretzel bites oozing with pepper jack cheese
  • “Needs a Name ” Pizza Cupcake * – a savory delight, filled with cheese and marinara sauce
    *We need help with a new name, contact us with your suggestions

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From our classics like Grilled Cheese and Mac & Cheese to our handhelds like Bowties and Pinwheels, to our newest products – the Penn Pretzel line – these are menu items customers will quickly warm up to! Nutritionally balanced, kid-friendly frozen entrees are available individually wrapped and/or bulk options to suit all your foodservice needs.

NEW: Crustless Cocoa CPB Sandwich

Destined to be a lunch-favorite, this new savory thaw & serve sandwich is whole grain and filled with “The Amazing Chickpea” cocoa flavored chickpea butter.

NEW: Pretzels, Pretzels, Pretzels!

Who doesn’t love pretzels? We have a whole line of them, from our new filled Pretzel Nuggets to Cheesy Pretzel Sticks, to Pretzel Dogs and Pretzel Sliders!


FAVES: Classics and Handhelds

Macaroni & Cheese: Who doesn’t love the warm, homemade taste of Mac & Cheese? It’s our quintessential comfort food that continues to win taste tests among customers. And better yet, it’s whole grain, reduced fat and reduced sodium and still wins over cheese-lovers across the country!

Breakfast Bowties: Sweet and savory! Our Breakfast Bowtie is made with a whole grain crust enveloping a blend of scrambled eggs and cheese. The dough is slightly sweet with a hint of maple syrup flavor.

Pinwheels: Our Pinwheels add an exciting spin on lunch! Handmade with the corners turned up, each whole grain Pinwheel is easy to hold and gives you a peek at the savory contents inside.

Ciabatta Cheese Melt: How do you make one of the most popular kids’ sandwiches better? Adding great tasting Ciabatta bread. Kids enjoy the ooey, gooey grilled cheese sandwich on a true artisan bun. And it is also available in Pepper Jack. Kids love its awesome “cheesy-ness” and you’ll love that it’s whole grain, reduced fat and reduced sodium.

Product Varieties

Frozen Entrees

  • 05811 RF Red Sodium Nacho Cheese Sauce Pouch
  • 05812 RF Red Sodium Cheese Sauce Pouch
  • 05905 RF Mac & Cheese Pouch (non WG)
  • 05915 RF Red Sodium WG Macaroni & Cheese Pouch (WG)
  • 16151 Pancake Sandwich w Glaze (WG)
  • 16701 Crustless Cocoa CPB Sandwich (WG)
  • 16929 Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • 16934 Ciabatta Cheese Melt Sandwich
  • 16935 Ciabatta Pepper Jack Cheese Melt Sandwich
  • 16939 Grilled Cheese Sandwich (WG)
  • 16944 Ciabatta Cheese Melt Sandwich (IW)
  • 16945 Ciabatta Pepper Jack Cheese Melt Sandwich (IW)
  • 25328 Cinna Stick (WG)
  • 25341 Egg & Cheese Breakfast Bowtie (WG) bulk
  • 25342 Egg & Cheese Breakfast Bowtie (WG & IW)
  • 25343 Egg & Pepper Jack Cheese Breakfast Bowtie (WG) bulk 
  • 25344 Egg & Pepper Jack Cheese Breakfast Bowtie (WG & IW)
  • 25401 Mozzarella Cheese Pinwheel (WG & IW)
  • 25404 Reduced Fat Turkey Pepperoni Pinwheel (WG)
  • 25405 Philly Steak & Cheese Pinwheel (WG)
  • 25407 Veggie Pinwheel (WG)
  • 25411 Mozzarella Cheese Pinwheel (WG)
  • 25414 Reduced Fat Turkey Pepperoni Pinwheel (WG & IW)
  • 25415 Philly Steak & Cheese Pinwheel (WG & IW)
  • 25417 Veggie Pinwheel (WG & IW)

Penn Pretzels

  • 25339 Pretzel Nuggets (WG)
  • 25340 Pretzel Nuggets
  • 25371 Pretzel Roll (WG)
  • 25372 Pretzel Slider (WG)
  • 25602 Turkey Pretzel Dog (WG)
  • 25603 Beef Pretzel Dog (WG)
  • 25604 Cheesy Pretzel Stick (WG)
  • 25605 Cheesy Pretzel Bites (WG)

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Nutrition Information

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