Quick, Easy, and Tasty!

Quick Service Restaurant

Quick Service Restaurant

Quick, easy, and most importantly – tasty – are the many products E S Foods offers in partnering with the QSR segment. We have a full menu of choices from frozen and heat and serve options, including savory Cinnamon Twists, Ciabatta Cheese Melt, Mac & Cheese, and Pinwheels.


Put a new spin on lunch with Pinwheels! Handmade with the corners turned up, each Pinwheel is easy to hold and gives you a peek at the savory contents inside. Made with whole grain dough. Varieties available now include Mozzarella Cheese, Philly Steak & Cheese, Reduced-Fat Turkey Pepperoni, and Veggie.

Mac & Cheese

Who doesn’t love the warm, homemade taste of Mac & Cheese? It’s our quintessential comfort food that continues to win taste tests across the country. And better yet, it’s reduced fat and reduced sodium and still wins everybody over!

Cinnamon Twists

A great twist on handheld breakfast! Customers will love our scrumptious homestyle Cinnamon Twists. Made with whole grain dough and twisted, filled with sweet cinnamon – the delicious aroma wafting through the air!