Quick, Easy, and Tasty!

Quick Service Restaurant

Quick Service Restaurant

Quick, easy, and most importantly – tasty – are the many products E S Foods offers in partnering with the QSR segment. We have a full menu of choices from frozen and heat and serve options, including savory Cinnamon Twists, Ciabatta Cheese Melt, Mac & Cheese, and Pinwheels.

Ciabatta Cheese Melt

How do you improve the all-time favorite grilled cheese? We put it on a Ciabatta artisan bun for a contemporary, tasty cheese melt. Deliciously crispy on the outside, yet soft on the inside, this melt creates a yummy variation to this classic sandwich

Pepper Jack Pretzel Bites

For those who like a little extra kick with their pretzels, these whole grain soft pretzel bites ooze with pepper jack cheese.  A perfect appetizer or lunch entrée!

Cinna Sticks

Breakfast, brunch, or dessert? All of the Above! These whole grain, soft cinnamon sticks ooze with flavor!  Take a bite and see why this has become a fan favorite. Cinna Sticks are great as an on-the-go breakfast choice or serve them a la mode with ice cream, a drizzle of caramel sauce and whipped cream for a tasty dessert!