Classroom Feeding:
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Classroom Feeding

Classroom Feeding

When students headed back to school this year, school foodservice had to adapt to a “new normal” that included more classroom feeding and the need for more shelf-stable and grab-&- go meals. To that end, we’ve got you covered. E S Foods has been at the forefront of the grab-&-go concept and created the category of Classroom Breakfast with the introduction of our portable, convenient Breakfast BREAKS in 2005 – now available in more than 20 varieties. Today E S Foods covers all day parts, including breakfast, lunch, snack, afterschool, and summer feeding. Quality, consistency and portion control are hallmarks of our product lines.

Product highlights of our Breakfast BREAKS and Meal BREAKS:

  • Shelf-stable meals (no refrigeration needed)
  • Thaw & serve varieties
  •  Highly portable
  • Components individually wrapped
  • Include individual wrapped utensils
  • Student handles own meal; requires no help from or prep by others
  • Compliant with all mandated FDA standards


Breakfast BREAKS have been our flagship brand for over 20 years. They are shelf-stable, convenient, and nutritious. Kids love the fun packaging and the brands they contain, such as Multigrain Cheerios®, Lucky Charms®, and Reduced Sugar Cocoa Puffs®. Each serving (1 meal) of Breakfast BREAKS provides 2 ounce equivalent grain servings and 1/2 cup fruit based on the USDA Food Buying Guide Requirements. 1 cup fruit options also available. Choose from Thaw & Serve or Shelf Stable options. Learn more about our Breakfast BREAKS.


Our self-contained Meal BREAKS are perfect for Classroom Feeding at lunch time. Our heat and serve entrees come individually wrapped, including our hand-held Pinwheels and Ciabatta Cheese Melts. E S Foods’ Thaw & Serve Meal BREAKS and Frozen Entrees fit the bill for variety and versatility.  Learn more about our Lunch options.

Beyond Traditional Cafeteria Feeding for High School Students

In many high schools, and even middle schools, students don’t always have a “home room” to go to. So how can the concept of Classroom Feeding work there? School foodservice directors get creative with kiosks, mobile carts, and stand-alone enclosures offering grab & go meals.

Joe Cook, Director of Food Services for Antelope Valley Union High School District in Lancaster, CA, and President of the nonprofit Partners in Nutrition Cooperative, uses these approaches in his district that has 15 sites serving 21,000 students. They offer numerous grab & go options that allow the students to eat their meals in the classroom. Cook says the key is treating them like customers – listening to what they want. That includes giving samples and survey cards on food items. “We were looking for more individually wrapped options for grab & go and provided E S Foods’ Breakfast Bowties as a sample. Based on the survey response these are now part of our menu cycle,” said Cook. “We listen to our customers and that increases meal participation.”