Protein Innovations

More reasons to smile and say ‘Cheese!’

Protein Innovations

Innovative Products for Meal Solutions

Who doesn’t love a real grilled cheese sandwich made on a griddle?  Homemade comfort food any place, any time. We have listened to the requests of our foodservice customers and have responded with more options and offer a variety of protein innovations to choose from. Our frozen options include our quintessential favorite macaroni and cheese, and our NEW line of sumptuous Pinwheels and Breakfast Bowties.

What’s NEW

Breakfast Bowties and Sweet and Savory!

Breakfast Bowties are Sweet and Savory!

Our Breakfast Bowtie is made with a whole grain crust enveloping a blend of scrambled eggs and cheese. The dough is slightly sweet with a hint of maple syrup flavor.

Available in bulk and individually wrapped.

Ciabatta Cheese Melt

Ciabatta Cheese Melt

How do you improve the all-time favorite grilled cheese? We put it on a Ciabatta artisan bun for a contemporary, tasty cheese melt.

Try our new spin on lunch – Pinwheels!

Handmade with the corners turned up, each Pinwheel is easy to hold and gives you a peek at the savory contents inside. Made with whole grain dough, varieties available now include Mozzarella Cheese, Philly Steak & Cheese, Reduced-Fat Turkey Pepperoni, and Veggie.

Available individually wrapped in oven-ready film, or bulk packed.