Handhelds & Snack Packs
for On the Go Fun!

Recreation & Amusement

Recreation & Amusement

Whether it’s running a local 5K park district fundraiser or enjoying a summer camp picnic, handhelds are a must for on-the-go fun. E S foods partners with the recreation and amusement segment by providing savory handhelds such as Pinwheels, Cinnamon Twits and Strombolis, as well as quick and nutrition snack packs.

Ciabatta Cheese Melt

Put a new spin on lunch with Pinwheels! Handmade with the corners turned up, each Pinwheel is easy to hold and gives you a peek at the savory contents inside. Made with whole grain dough. Varieties available now include Mozzarella Cheese, Philly Steak & Cheese, Reduced-Fat Turkey Pepperoni, and Veggie.


Grab -n- Go Meal BREAKS are the answer to quick, convenient, healthy eating. Available in several varieties, choices include protein, whole grains, two fruit servings or one fruit and one vegetable serving from national brands that you know and trust.


How do you improve the all-time favorite grilled cheese? We put it on a Ciabatta artisan bun for a contemporary, tasty cheese melt. Deliciously crispy on the outside, yet soft on the inside, this melt creates a yummy variation to this classic sandwich