Simple Choice Meals


Simple Choice Meals

OVS Meals Ideal for Express Lines & Satellite Feeding

Our self-contained Simple Choice Meals, part of our extensive Meal Breaks line, are perfect for staffing challenges and help speed up lines. These grab & go meals are ideal for express lines or satellite feeding throughout the school. All 5 of our varieties are fully compliant Offer Versus Serve (OVS) Meals. They are highly portable, components are individually wrapped, include individual wrapped utensils, and require no help from or prep by others.

Multiple Points of Service: pick up in cafeteria, serve in classrooms, grab from kiosks

Simple Choice Meals are complete with:

  • 1 to 3 oz whole grains
  • 2 meat/meat alternates
  • 1/2 fruit or vegetable
  • Offer the required fruit and/or veg plus fluid milk for all 5 components

Product Highlights

Can be used for: NSLP/SSO, SFSP, CACFP

  • Takes the guess work out of portion sizes
  • No need for kids to hold up serving lines with tough choices
  • For a complete meal offer fruit and/or vegetable and milk
  • Minimizes food waste
  • No hold up at the register, offer versus served is covered
  • Grab & go!

Product Varieties

  • 61475 Sweet BBQ Bites (WG)
  • 61802 Strawberry Yogurt Meal (WG)

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