Breakfast BREAKS

The Leading Grab-n-Go for School Breakfast

Breakfast BREAKS

20+ Varieties Now Available

Help them start the day right! From whole grain cereals to whole grain muffins to yogurt, we have the most variety of any pre-packaged breakfasts. And kids will be sitting down with names they know: Froot Loops®, Honey Nut Cheerios®, and Pop Tarts®. Choose from Thaw & Serve or Shelf Stable options.

Product Highlights

  • Largest variety of cereals (many reduced sugar, all whole grain)
  • Top most popular kids’ cereals
  • Convenient, nutritious and portion controlled
  • New eye-popping packaging appeals to student of all ages
  • No Mess, No Fuss – package easily converts to placemat & there’s a trash bag in every case
  • Field tests across the country show – kids love Breakfast BREAKS!

Why Breakfast BREAKS?

Convenience Nutrition Portable Eco-friendly
Quality Profitable Affordable Kid-friendly

Product Varieties

Each serving (1 meal) of Breakfast Breaks provides 2 ounce equivalent grain servings and 1/2 cup fruit based on the USDA Food Buying Guide Requirements. 1 cup fruit options also available

Shelf Stable Breakfast Breaks

  • 61101 Reduced Sugar Cocoa Puffs® (WG)
  • 61103 Lucky Charms® (WG)
  • 61105 Honey Nut Cheerios™ (WG)
  • 61106 Reduced Sugar Frosted Flakes (WG)
  • 61109 Multigrain Cheerios™ (WG)
  • 61112 Frosted Flakes Pouch (WG)
  • 61114 Reduced Sugar Trix® (WG)
  • 61115 Golden Grahams® (WG)
  • 61118 Apple Jacks® (WG)
  • 61119 Reduced Sugar Cinn Toast Crunch® (WG)
  • 61121 Frosted Mini Wheats (WG)
  • 61124 Reduced Sugar Apple Jacks (WG)
  • 61202 Cheerios™ (WG) with raisins
  • 61123 Fruit Loops® (WG)
  • 61209 Multigrain Cheerios™ (WG) w/ raisins
  • 61219 Reduced Sugar Cinn Toast Crunch® (WG) w applesauce
  • 61238 Strawberry Oatmeal Bar (WG)
  • 61244 Pop Tart® (WG) – Cinnamon
  • 61245 Cinnamon Toast Crunch® Cereal Bar (WG)
  • 61246 Cheerios™ Cereal Bar (WG)
  • 61247 Pop Tart® (WG) – Fudge
  • 61248 Berry Krispies Chewy Cereal Bar (WG)

Refrigerated Protein Breakfast Breaks

  • 61251 Yogurt (Blueberry) & Granola (WG)
  • 61252 Yogurt (Strawberry) & Mini Cinn Grahams (WG)

Thaw & Serve Breakfast Breaks

  • 61151 WG Apple Muffin Top
  • 61152 WG Smart Choice Chocolate Chip Muffin
  • 61153 WG Smart Choice Blueberry Muffin

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