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The team at E S Foods is passionate about school foodservice and helping feed hungry children. Our company was founded to develop products and solutions for school foodservice, and we remain deeply committed to our mission to serve as a resource to nutrition directors and managers.

From our initial beginnings we have worked with the following criteria in developing our products

  • “Kid-friendly” and nutritious
  • Cost-effective and convenient to serve
  • Help increase participation in the school program

We care about children. We listen to our customers.

We have made it our business to focus on solutions to your foodservice issues. Over the years, our loyal clients have given us the insight to develop the products that meet your needs for cost-effectiveness, convenience, and quality. We offer only nutritious foods that we know kids will enjoy, as we all know nutritious products aren’t helpful if kids don’t eat them. Your valued input has resulted in the development of many innovative products including shelf-stable milk and grab ‘n go meals.

Today, E S Foods is a major supplier of nutritious food products to school systems throughout America. We also provide food products to USDA Federal Nutrition Programs, food banks and various community organizations.

The company, established in 1998 by founder and CEO Gary Davis, is headquartered in Woodbury, NY. E S Foods has grown to offer a full complement of menus to cover all day parts – from before the bell to afterschool – including protein innovations, frozen foods, and our fastest growing flagship brand, Breakfast BREAKS. Learn more about our products.

Gary Davis, CEO

"In our public schools there are over 22 million children eligible for a free or reduced priced breakfast. Sadly only some 7 million of these children are being reached. Federal Entitlement funding is in place and the benefits of starting the day with a good healthy breakfast make it incumbent that we find a solution. We believe that Breakfast BREAKS provides the schools with an opportunity to reach millions of eligible students."
Read Gary’s interview in The Wall Street Journal, August 21, 2006
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