Helping Feed Those in Need

Food Banks

Food Banks

When it comes to community outreach, we know what’s important. Many E S Foods meals are pre-packaged, and every item individually wrapped! We have a full variety of food products that fill your needs of reaching the food insecure, ranging from shelf-stable meal kits to food boxes with fresh ingredients, and heat & serve entrees.


Home Prep Family Meal Kits

Our Home Prep Family Meal Kits are now available –each box contains a variety of high quality, nutritious items that that yield 16-18 complete meals. What is unique is that each kit contains menus and recipes with step-by-step instructions so that healthy meals can be prepared for the entire family. Some kits include fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to staples such as oatmeal, healthy beans and lentils. Three varieties of boxes are available: The Pantry Box, Market Box, and Combination Box.


Breakfast BREAKS

Our Shelf Stable Breakfast BREAKS are individually wrapped meals and contain a cereal bowl, whole grain snack and juice. Breakfast kit options include popular cereal brands such as Multigrain Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, Reduced Sugar Cocoa Puffs, and more.


  • Our Shelf Stable Meal BREAKS are individually wrapped meals and contains proteins, crackers, and a fruit & a vegetable item. Meal kit options include items such as PB&J, Cheese Stick, and Sweet BBQ Chicken Bites.
  • Our Thaw & Serve Meal BREAKS, also individually wrapped, contains a sandwich, and a fruit & a vegetable item.

Individually Wrapped Items

Our Heat & Serve entrees are individually wrapped in oven-able film. Options include: Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Ciabatta Cheese Melts, Egg & Cheese Bowties, and Pinwheels.