Alternate Feeding
Working Together to Feed School Children During COVID-19 Pandemic
March 22, 2020

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard the phrase, “Not All Heroes Wear Capes . . . Some Wear Aprons”.  This couldn’t be more relevant in school foodservice than during this COVID-19 pandemic as so many groups are working together to ensure that our nation’s school children are able to receive meals while schools are closed. Everyone is doing their part – schools, foodservice directors, cafeteria staff, foodservice providers, volunteers, etc. – to provide millions of emergency meals on a daily basis.

As you probably know, to help families and individuals who have been adversely affected by this crisis, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act,  H.R. 6201, was signed by the President on March 18. The bill contains several provisions to support school nutrition programs working to serve students during coronavirus-related school closures. This week the School Nutrition Association released the following news: SNA Survey Finds Schools Committed to Emergency Feeding During COVID-19 Closures

Everyone is stepping up to do their part. We are doing our small part in this effort by working with suppliers and schools to provide our Grab ‘n Go Meal Breaks and Breakfast Breaks for the drive-through school meal pick-ups. What you’ll see here in North Syracuse, New York, is just one example of what is occurring nationwide.

These shelf-stable, pre-packaged meals that we are able to provide transport easily and with the addition of milk meet the full Child Nutrition Reimbursement requirements. All Breakfast Breaks offer grain and/or protein with a fruit serving, while all Meal Breaks contain protein, grain, a fruit and a vegetable serving, and all kits have utensils and a napkin in each package.

I encourage you to check out useful resources about emergency feeding and our food supply through the USDA, the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), and SNA. On Tuesday, March 24, FRAC is hosting a webinar in conjunction with USDA:  Serving Meals During COVID-19: Out-of-School Time Partners.

We are all partners is this effort and working together we will get through this.