Ready, “Re-set”, Go: Preparing for Back-to-School Foodservice Changes
July 7, 2020

When students head back to school in the fall, it certainly won’t be “business as usual.” What will the new school foodservice landscape look like in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic?  Although we don’t know yet, schools have to start planning, likely needing not only a Plan B, but Plans C, D . . . What is certain, it will be different everywhere. Each state, each county, each school district, each school will have to develop plans that adapt to changing health and safety concerns in their area.

Last week, for example, the state of Illinois announced its plans for re-opening in the fall and  the guidelines include  no more than 50 students in a cafeteria at lunch time, staggered days, teaches rotating to classes rather than students moving, and required face coverings. But each district will adjust accordingly based on their location, enrollment, and needs.

This is a daunting task for all school decision-makers, including foodservice personnel. What we do know is likely in the coming school year is a move to more Classroom Feeding, grab & go meals and individually wrapped items so students can handle the food themselves. This is something we can help with and are ready for! We were at the forefront of Classroom Breakfast 15 years ago with our shelf-stable Breakfast BREAKS. Today E S Foods covers all day parts, including breakfast, lunch, snack, afterschool, and summer feeding.

Let us help you design menus that will meet your “new normal” school meal needs in the upcoming school year.

Product highlights of our Breakfast BREAKS and Meal BREAKS:

  • Shelf-stable meals (no refrigeration needed)
  • Thaw & serve varieties
  •  Highly portable
  • Components individually wrapped
  • Include individual wrapped utensils
  • Student handles own meal; requires no help from or prep by others
  • Compliant with all mandated FDA standards

Breakfast BREAKS

Our flagship brand for over 20 years, Breakfast BREAKS are shelf-stable, convenient, and nutritious. Kids love the fun packaging and the brands they contain, such as Multigrain Cheerios®, Lucky Charms®, and Reduced Sugar Cocoa Puffs®. Each serving (1 meal) of Breakfast BREAKS provides 2 ounce equivalent grain servings and 1/2 cup fruit based on the USDA Food Buying Guide Requirements. Choose from Thaw & Serve, Refrigerated or Shelf Stable options.


Our self-contained Meal BREAKS are perfect for Classroom Feeding at lunch time. E S Foods’ Shelf Stable Meal Breaks, Thaw & Serve Meal BREAKS and Hot Meal BREAKS fit the bill for variety and versatility.

Individually Wrapped Items

Our Heat & Serve entrees are available individually wrapped in oven-ready film. Our heat and serve entrees come individually wrapped, including our hand-held Pinwheels and Ciabatta Cheese Melts. Options include: Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Ciabatta Cheese Melts, Egg & Cheese Bowties, and Pinwheels.