Breakfast in the Classroom
Breakfast Breaks Teams Up with NBA for Kids’ Health
January 16, 2012

It’s a slam-dunk!  Breakfast Breaks has teamed up with the NBA to promote active, healthy lifestyles among today’s kids!  Students can now receive NBA Hoop Troop membership cards that provide them with access to the NBA’s kid-friendly website, Sure to be a crowd pleaser, the site has all sorts of information, videos and games. And with this new partnership comes new packaging for Breakfast Breaks.

  • New Packaging:  Each new Breakfast Breaks package has a call out on the front panel regarding NBA’s Hoop Troop Team.  There are trivia questions on the back of the package along with more information of the NBA Hoop Troop membership and website.   We have twenty-four new package designs, with twenty four new headlines.  We have also updated our Breakfast Breaks with four new, vibrant colors.  In addition, we have nutrition facts on each package and a simple diagram showing how to convert a Breakfast Breaks package into a placemat.  
  • Cards and Posters: There are eye-catching posters available for schools too – telling students “Eating Breakfast is a Slam Dunk!” All that foodservice directors need to do is provide the membership cards when they serve Breakfast Breaks. In addition to the on-pack promotion we have over one million membership cards to distribute to kids.  These cards have a password that students can use on the NBA Hoop Troop website.  We have included packs of 50 cards in each 36-count case of Breakfast Breaks (while card supplies last).  This will allow the school to provide all students with the cards (even if those students are not consuming Breakfast Breaks that day).

Beat the buzzer! These cards and posters are available for a limited time. While supplies last, we can provide additional cards if requested. Help us make a difference now in kids’ lives. With the NBA, we at E S Foods are dedicated to reaching students with positive messages to encourage healthy lifestyles which include eating nutritious foods, physical fitness and having fun.  If you would like to order Breakfast Breaks and cards for your school, please email your card request to .

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