We’re Sponsoring 6th Grade Jr. Dragster Champ, Danika Miles!
February 7, 2019

Here at E S Foods yesterday, we signed a contract to sponsor Danika Miles, an 11-year-old who races in the Top Jr. Dragster division of the Professional Drag Racing Association (PDRA). Danika’s car reaches speeds in excess of 85 mph in 8 seconds. She will serve as a spokesperson to her school-age peers about the healthy foods we offer school foodservice programs across the country. A news release was issued today.

 As part of the sponsorship, her car will be wrapped with a custom E S Foods design. We thought this was a fun, unique way to promote E S Foods’ products while honoring a successful middle school student. In many ways, Danika is your average school kid, yet also is a role model leading an extraordinary life.

Danika is an Honor Roll student in the 6th grade at Richard Winn Academy in her hometown of Ridgeway, South Carolina. She is also a cheerleader and plays guard for her school’s Junior Varsity basketball team. Along with running the full PDRA season, Danika also races several charity races throughout the year. Danika loves going fast and says, “It’s really cool to have a license to drive at 11 years old.” She started racing at the age of 10 and hopes to make this her career.

Obviously, her name and race car driving are no coincidence. Her father is a NASCAR enthusiast and named her for Danica Patrick, the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing.

We will have Danika attend a few events with us. We’re hoping to ship her car to ANC in July and have Danika there at our booth.

Danika pictured with her parents Gabe and Kristen Miles and E E Foods CEO Gary Davis