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A Message from CEO Gary Davis: Join Forces to Feed Hungry Children
March 13, 2011

In response to Kellogg’s new program that will provide one million breakfasts to hungry children,  E S Foods CEO Gary Davis issued an open letter to applaud the program and encourage organizations to come together to feed the 1 in 4 in need children who do not receive breakfast daily.  See his letter below:

We applaud Kellogg’s commitment to donate 1 million breakfasts over the next school year.   Daily some 10 million in need children are not being fed a breakfast each school day. Their generous donation certainly addresses this unnecessary and unacceptable fate that our society has been needlessly mute to.

 We at E S Foods have been proactive in addressing this by launching convenient mobile breakfast packaging with Breakfast Breaks and by sponsoring the “got breakfast?” foundation whose primary existence is based upon promoting greater child participation in school breakfast and fuller utilization of federal nutrition funding.

 We have funded several hundred thousand dollars in promoting school breakfast and classroom grants. Today much focus has been placed upon balanced nutrition, which we support.  However, the priority must be to first feed the hungry, those in need—the 1 in 4 – that have been neglected!  Let’s work together and make this happen for our nation’s children. 

Gary A. Davis, CEO, E S Foods

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