Did You Flash a Silly Smile at our ANC Photo Booth? LOOK HERE!
July 31, 2014

We hope you had a great time at ANC in July this year – we sure did! I know you are busy gearing up for back-to-school time so we thought you could use a break.  Reminisce with some funny pics from our Photo Booth at the ANC Reception.  Did you and your friends smile and say “cheese”?  Hopefully these will bring a smile to your face right now!

We also hope you were among those who came by our booth to see the new products we launched at our 3 stations: 1) Breakfast, 2) Afterschool and 3) Sandwich innovations.  The focus for us at ANC this year was all about  choices, choices . . . and more choices. We now have 24 varieties of Breakfast Breaks!  We have new enhanced snacks for afterschool meals.  And our sandwich innovations include hoagie, wrap and pocket-style stuffed sandwiches. Our new line of New York Fresh Baked (NYFB) stuffed sandwiches was a huge hit!

YUM! Fresh bread is literally baked around deli sandwich ingredients in the NYFB Sandwiches. Low sodium turkey with reduced sodium and reduced fat cheeses are enrobed in a soft, flavorful dough, which is then completely baked, and ready to eat cold or warm. Because we are baking our sandwiches fresh, we were even able to add a condiment such as honey mustard to the sandwich. You’ll find freshness and quality ingredients in these sandwiches that are also nutritious, and much lower in sodium than traditional deli sandwiches.

Whether we saw you in Boston or not, we’d still love to catch up to show you what’s in store for the school year ahead.

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