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New Goldfish Toasted Cheese Sandwich Makes a Splash at ANC!
July 25, 2012

We hope you were in Denver last week for ANC and stopped by our booth.  We introduced a lot of exciting new products and programs for the upcoming school year. Our new Toasted Cheese Sandwich on Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Bread made a huge splash!  Everyone loved the flavor, consistency and product options.  These sandwiches are available bulk, individually wrapped and in our Meal BREAKS. Shaped liked its famous, bite-size predecessor, this sandwich is an innovative new product that is kid-friendly, delicious and nutritious.  The sandwich is made with 100% whole grain bread and reduced sodium, reduced fat American cheese and is just one example of how we’ve met the new challenging regulations by developing 1-bread options and other easy solutions. 

Simple Choice Meals

“It really is as simple as it seems”

  • 1 oz eq grain items
  • Quick & easy meal solutions
  • Grab & go
  • No need to worry about how much of each food to provide
  • No need for kids to hold up serving line with tough choices
  • Offer vs. serve is covered, no slowing the cashier line

Our Simple Choice Meals help you streamline your menu options and keep lunch simple for your staff and students!

Plus our shelf stable Breakfast BREAKS continued to wow folks at ANC, especially our newest pouch cereals.  Shelf Stable Breakfast BREAKS with pouch cereals are ideal because there is no more worries about spilled milk!  No more need for children to attempt to pour milk into the cereal bowls.  In addition, we re-launched our shelf stable milk which is the perfect accompaniment to any Breakfast BREAKS item.  Our “Whole Grain, Reduced Fat, Reduced Sodium Mac & Cheese” was as popular as ever with show attendees plus our regular Reduced Fat, Reduced Sodium Macaroni & Cheese and Cheese Sauces were crowd pleasers too!

Please let us know if you would like to see samples of any of these items or any other wonderful products from E S Foods.  Your local E S Foods sales representative or broker will be in touch shortly to discuss our products and programs.

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