Breakfast in the Classroom
See Our New Video and Make the Switch!
August 8, 2011

We are pleased to showcase our new video for food service directors that demonstrates the many benefits of switching to classroom breakfasts and Breakfast BREAKS!   We compare for you the traditional breakfast process against our own grab ‘n’ go classroom breakfast, Breakfast BREAKS – and guess which wins!  It’s the outside-of-the-box thinking that can make your breakfast program profitable by using kits such as Breakfast BREAKS, mobile carts, second chance and classroom breakfasts.  Some of the benefits include:

• No additional labor needed
• Simple to distribute
• Easy to manage inventory
• Serve more breakfasts
• Make breakfast profitable

And we can even provide you the math that will help convince your schools to give it a try. 

Breakfast Breaks – Food Service from ES Foods on Vimeo.

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