Thanks for Sampling our New Fare at ANC!
July 20, 2017

It was great seeing so many of you in Atlanta! Those who stopped by our booth at ANC raved about our new Meatball and Veggie Pinwheels! If you didn’t get a chance to taste them, we’d be happy to set up an appointment with you. In addition, our new Cinnamon Twists were a big hit. Plus, our mainstay Breakfast Breaks and Meal Breaks continued to earn high praises. You might have also seen our Hot Meal Breaks which are perfect for Afterschool Meals. If you missed trying our samples, here’s what we have new to add to your back-to-school menus this year:

*PINWHEELS – our new SPIN on lunch!

Handmade with the corners turned up, each Pinwheel is easy to hold and gives you a peek at the savory contents inside.

  • Now in 5 varieties, including new Meatball and Veggie
  • Bulk or individually wrapped
  • Whole grain
  • Meets 2 meat, 2 grain
  • A new kids’ favorite

*CINNAMON TWISTS – an artisan style breakfast

These are 2 gain breakfast items are fully baked, but when reheated, the delicious cinnamon aroma wafts throughout the kitchen!

*GUAVALITOS – authentic Cuban pastry, 1 equiv. breakfast item, and simply delicious!

Remember, we’ve got you covered for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Afterschool!