Unique Twist on Last Day of School: Breakfast Breaks Served with Report Cards
July 5, 2017

What was the last day of school like for you this year? Was it the usual “Grab ‘n Go” – as in the kids grabbed their report cards and off they went?  Also known as “turn around day,” the students come to school, report to homeroom, pick up their report cards and then are dismissed for the year. Amy Keeler, SNS, Director of Food Service for the Brownsville Area School District in Pennsylvania, said “This always was a loss for the cafeteria, since we have to pay the staff to work their 180th day per their contract, yet we served no breakfasts or lunches.”

The solution? To combat this, Keeler ordered our Breakfast BREAKS and had them waiting in the classrooms along with a paper roster. “We made an announcement to pick up a breakfast with their report card and the principals emailed the teachers the day prior and instructed them to mark each student who took a breakfast,” explains Keeler. “Then café staff picked up any remaining kits and the roster to enter into the POS. (We are a CEP district, so all students receive free meals.) The kids were thrilled with their ‘goody bag’ and it ended the year on a positive note.”

What a great idea! Keeler added, “This helped us tremendously to get the reimbursements on the breakfasts, so I wanted to share it with you in case it may work for other districts who have turn-around day on the last day of school.” Thank you to Amy for sharing this with us, and if any of you reading this have ideas you’d like me to pass along in this blog, send me a note.