Feeding More Children with Our 7-Day Meal Kits
January 6, 2021

Schools across the nation are finding innovative ways to reach more students in their respective communities. In my last blog post I shared the success of the Escondido Union High School District in California which distributed more than 6,500 boxes of our 7-day Meal Kits for the Holiday Break. Our 7-Day Meal Kits allow you to provide a week’s worth of meals to each student! Each case contains 14 shelf-stable meals – that’s 7 Breakfast BREAKS and 7 Meal BREAKS.

Another example I wanted to share of a creative approach to school meal distribution occurred recently on the south shore of eastern Long Island, New York. Instead of having drive-up lines at the schools, William Floyd School District and its food service partner, Aramark, relied on school transportation to deliver meals directly to the students’ families. Using 42 school buses running their regular routes, the school was able to deliver boxes, making it convenient for the families. “With all the challenges of feeding more children during the pandemic, this also gave our kitchen staff a bit of a break during the holidays by distributing a week’s worth of food at a time, while continuing to feed more children,” said Renee Borriello, Aramark, General Manager for William Floyd School District K-12 Education.

The 7 Day meal kits are needed more than ever, for remote learning, holiday breaks and summer. This is clearly a need that goes beyond the pandemic. We know that childhood hunger is a serious problem, and we continue to seek to improve and expand ways to make your food distribution more efficient while also providing healthy, nutritious meals for all school children. By working together with school districts, we can work toward our mutual goal of feeding more hungry kids. What better way of heading into 2021?

Each breakfast kit contains 2 oeg, 1/2 c. fruit, spoon, napkin, and straw and each meal kit contains 2 m/ma, 1 oeg, 1/2 c. veg and 1/2 c. fruit, spoon, napkin, and straw.