Our 7-Day Meal Kits Ideal for Holiday Breaks
December 23, 2020

We are pleased to announce that we now have 7-Day Meal Kits so that you can provide a week’s worth of meals to each student! Each case contains 14 shelf-stable meals – that’s 7 Breakfast BREAKS and 7 Meal BREAKS. This allows school districts to distribute meals to cover holiday breaks.

For example, I recently spoke with Alicia Pitrone, RD, Director of Student Nutrition for the Escondido Union High School District in Escondido, California, who shared with me her school district’s success in distributing our 7-Day Meal Kits. Last Thursday, Dec 17, they distributed over 6,500 boxes of our 7-day meal kits. This is an impressive increase from approximately 4,100 food boxes they distributed in November for the Thanksgiving Break. Alicia said participation has been fantastic as there has been so much need for meals during the holidays, especially during the pandemic. Because of this need, Alicia said they plan to do the same for the upcoming Martin Luther King holiday as well.

Abbi Gardner, our Director of Sales, Western Region, had the opportunity to observe their meal distribution at Orange Glen High School. She said a mile-long line of cars pulled up to receive their meal kits from the enthusiastic staff. Abbi said of her visit, “I was so impressed with all that I witnessed there. Their entire process was so well organized. I hope they realize what a huge impact their team has on the community. It made me so happy to see the results from all the hard work done behind the scenes. I literally could not believe how many cars were lined up this morning to pick up meals.”

We know school districts are challenged with getting meals to children during the pandemic since many students are learning remotely from home. The need for shelf-stable and individually wrapped items for grab & go distribution is at an all-time high, which was the impetus to develop our new 7-Day Meal Kits. We will continue to improve and expand ways to make your food distribution more efficient while also providing healthy, nutritious meals for all school children. After all, feeding more children in need is our mutual goal!

Each breakfast kit contains 2 oeg, 1/2 c. fruit, spoon, napkin, and straw and each meal kit contains 2 m/ma, 1 oeg, 1/2 c. veg and 1/2 c. fruit, spoon, napkin, and straw.