Breakfast in the Classroom
Top 10 Reasons to Go Back-to-School with NEW Breakfast BREAKS
August 31, 2010

A reminder to all of you busy school foodservice directors: If ordering meals for your next term is on your back-to-school to-do list, our new Breakfast BREAKS are NOW AVAILABLE!  We made a big splash at ANC this summer with the introduction of our redesigned grab ‘n go breakfasts. Now in new pouch packaging, our fun, new look is eco-friendly too.  Some of the changes include juice pouches instead of juice boxes to appeal to all ages, expanded snack options and more cereal choices, including whole grain and low sugar.  And it’s more affordable! Breakfast BREAKS is designed to help you “Feed More, Save More,” thus offering it as a breakfast staple at your school is a win-win for everybody. You know, research shows that one of the best ways to increase participation is by offering classroom breakfast. So I urge you to make classroom breakfast a priority this year and get your students off to a great start each day!  

Here are our Top 10 Reasons why you should put Breakfast BREAKS on your school menu:

1. New, eco-friendly, pouch packaging (we all need to be “green”)
2. Shelf-stable 3-packs of cereal, juice pouch and snack (good things come in 3s)
3. Juice pouches instead of juice boxes (much cooler to kids!)
4. Expanded snack and cereal options (in today’s world of 500 TV stations, it’s all about choices!)
5. 63% reduction in waste (tell your principals!)
6. More affordable for schools (be a hero to your administrators!)
7. Portable, convenient and nutritious (easy for you, healthy for them)
8. Fun, new look to appeal to kids (rule #1: please the customer)
9. Available in a dozen varieties (no one gets bored!)
10. 24 rotating humorous headlines for kids and tweens. (who doesn’t love funny?)

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